Unfinished Museum


Luigi Camarilla

Often while I am working what I am doing generates another work or project and for this reason it remains unfinished. Each work fertilizes others.   If I tell you Unfinished what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I immediately slip into the personal, because I have a tendency to start things, […]

Karin Marzocchini

If I tell you the word “unfinished” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? It is a bit of a leitmotiv of my life, this spark that starts a light and then goes out like an unlit fire. If I tell you the word “unfinished” what’s the first thing that comes to your […]

Laura Cionci

The unfinished could be white because it offers you the opportunity to build again and even radically change what already exists; a kind of new energy, a power that can be used, it starts in one way but can be concluded in a million different ways. White is a difficult color: the emptiness of the […]

Veronica Caggia

Long live incompleteness why? It depends on the idea of ​​unfinished, in the eyes of others I could appear full of unfinished experiences that for me are completed … so I would say: long live the different idea that each of us has of the unfinished. If I tell you Unfinished what’s the first thing […]

Azzurra Muzzonigro

If I tell you “Unfinished”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? There are two things. The first concerns an outstanding work entitled “Sicilian Unfinished”. It is a photographic project by a group of architects and visual artists with an artistic gaze on an architectural theme, which lasted for several years and […]

International Museum Day

Today we celebrate International Museum Day. But we are not a typical museum. I imagine UMus as a winter garden. I envision us as caretakers of “mental creatures” abandoned to themselves before growing into “completed projects”. Some ideas are just tiny seeds, minuscule and sensitive, others half-asleep somewhere under the snow, others as immense as […]


We are in April now – the spring is coming. And it all happens while we are at work with our begun and “perfectly” unfinished things. The ideas keep coming. Today we offer you a quote from Richard Blanco’s poem. I don’t think you need to introduce Richard Blanco. He is a public figure, poet, […]

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Raffaella Ilari

Life is a continuous discovery of something, at every age, in every moment of the day, I would not want for everything to be completed. I am reminded of a parallelism with theater, I have always loved shows in which I did not see everything on the stage, I was more interested in what I […]

Gathering apricots

Who said that only accomplished things are “crowned” with success? We all write a story made up of small and big defeats, trials, abandoned plans and unfinished works.A trivial event from the past haunted an elderly poet-writer. He was obsessively trying to capture a feeling, a memory – an image of an older woman. He […]

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

The force of weakness

The pleasure of silence mentioned by Susan Sontag in her essay “Aesthetics of silence” has changed the concept of Unfinished. Unfinished becomes the emblem of something that does not exist. In the context of what exists – it sets off the space for interpretation.  Unfinished frees our imagination. It gives the situation more meaning than if it was closed […]