Unfinished Museum


UMUS is for everyone

UMUS is a virtual museum

UMUS promotes human creativity 

UMUS is perfect in its incompleteness 

UMUS can transform into a finished work 

UMUS celebrate the work in progress 

UMUS honors the author’s time and effort

UMUS is a fertilizer for other creative minds

UMUS collects and promotes the unfinished

UMUS gives meaning to the creative process as such

UMUS is overcoming the idea of failure

UMUS is advancing incessantly

UMUS is…

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Waiting To Be Exhibited

Events & Programs

Gallery Talk, Special Event

UMus Unfinished Museum Opening Event

Time: Thursday, January 21, 202112:00 am - 11:00 pm /


Unfinished Thoughts & Stories


We are in April now – the spring is coming. And it all happens while we are at work with our

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Raffaella Ilari

Life is a continuous discovery of something, at every age, in every moment of the day, I would not want for

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