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We are in April now – the spring is coming. And it all happens while we are at work with our begun and “perfectly” unfinished things. The ideas keep coming. Today we offer you a quote from Richard Blanco’s poem.

I don’t think you need to introduce Richard Blanco. He is a public figure, poet, award winner, author and civil engineer. And he read the inaugural poem during Obama’s second inauguration as president of the United States. As a poet and as a teacher, he did not discriminate against anyone in his university work.

With this fragment we hope to show you a new and fresh look at our concept of Unfinished and “forever works-in-progress” – the cycle of the seasons always finds us during creative work.

To read it all, please click here.

“I’ve been writing this since
spring, studying the tiny leaves
on the oaks dithering like moths,
contrast to the eon-old fieldstones
unveiled of snow, but forever
works-in-progress, since tonight
with the battled moon behind
the branches spying on the world—
same as it ever was — perfectly
unfinished, my glasses and pen
at rest again on the night table.”

Good spring to everyone!

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