Unfinished Museum


Greta Blengino

If I tell you “unfinished”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? My songs, all of the songs I have started but never finished. What is the shape or color of Unfinished? Turquoise, I don’t know why. Or another neutral color. Is there something you have left incomplete in your life? Apart from […]

Dario Voltolini

All the things that I can consider complete have had a moment of incompleteness: a project starts, I start with an idea, I write something down and then it stagnates, it remains unfinished for a long time, then maybe I pick it up and bring it to a conclusion, sometimes rather quickly. Even from a […]

Simonetta Blengino

There is a future in the unfinished.   If I tell you Unfinished what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I think of an unfinished outside my profession, which is part of a much larger project and which is the real unfinished of my life: the project of having a child, of having […]

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Valentina Fava

With the unfinished you never get bored, you are always there to search and create new things, it makes you discover different things that you may not have thought of.   If I say “unfinished” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Something that I haven’t done but that I wanted to […]

Silvia Teodosi

An unfinished is embers burning under the ashes. It’s hidden, but it’s always there in my mind to remind me that it can be invigorated. We, human beings, are the most difficult work that can be considered completed. Fortunately, there are deadlines that make them “delivered”, but not completed because every time I reread or […]

Pietro Spanghero

If it were music, it would be a chord sequence that stops at a certain point and…I’d like to finish it, I like to work on the harmony.   If I tell you Unfinished what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? That could be accomplished in some nice way, it is a possibility. […]

Piera Luisolo

The curiosity to see what happens next. Like when cats get on the piece of furniture wanting to drop an object because they would like to know what would happen. That certainly pushes me to move forward, there is always something I’m curious to experiment with.   If I say “unfinished” what is the first […]

Onelia Greco

Once the work has been completed and installed, it is as if I were delivering it, the serenity that it gave me to create it is the same that I would like to give to others. I always think of Michelangelo and his unfinished works which are those in which I have found greater completeness: […]

Roberto Vogliolo

My engineering attitude tends to make me want to close projects, to put that missing piece so that the gears turn right, then when I think of many unfinished things, not only mine but that I have met over the years, I tell myself that they are also beautiful for their incompleteness. For me, it’s […]

Guido Catalano

The spaces of a novel are frightening, I was used to writing short poems, it is as if someone used to running 100 meters, has to do a marathon. I don’t like the unfinished and I don’t practice it anymore, some unfinished from the past are due to fate, some searched for, however, I place […]