Unfinished Museum


UMus collects and exhibits works, projects and other endeavours that have a beginning but have not been completed for various reasons:

  • due to circumstances independent of the person, unfortunate events, bad timing. This type of unfinished work includes works and projects that the author can no longer continue or no longer intends to carry out because there is less interest, passion or other. It is FOREVER unfinished and Umus wants to honor its dream, the hours of work employed, the resources that were put in place.
  • because suspended and temporarily interrupted or postponed over time thinking sooner or later it would be finished. This type also includes some unfinished ones linked to causes of force majeure that forced them to postpone completion (for example in time of Covid-19) or even unfinished because it is an infinite or very long project / work. It is unfinished FOR NOW. UMus wants to keep them temporarily and make them known.
  • because somehow it is blocked and to be fulfilled they need help. Authors may need support, resources or contacts and connections. For the unfinished TO UNBLOCK, Umus wants to help the unlocking, to encourage and help by creating useful connections.

The works are grouped into six sections: texts, images, sounds, objects, projects, beyond, sometimes it doesn’t belong to any category or embraces more than one.