Unfinished Museum

About Us

Anna Ghiotti

New ideas explode in my head as I walk, that is how UMus was born. I see the connections to create what is not yet there and I have the energy to make it happen, sometimes I lose it on the way, and I experience the frustration of the unfinished. Among the unfinished things, I have several projects in the training field with short names and long stories (all of which have become precious fertilizers for subsequent ideas) and a solitary Around the World in 66 days interrupted due to the Covid emergency. Among those that I have been committed to pursuing for a long time, Memoràmia and the programs dedicated to female leadership. https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-ghiotti/

Virginia Cimino

I combine an academic path in Business and Marketing, which taught me to organize and complete projects, with a passion for art, which continually undermines my certainties and my vision of the world. UMUS challenges the conventions of art, redefines what is considered a finished work. And it goes even further, because it becomes a fertile ground from which to bring new ideas into life. The collaboration between creatives has always fascinated me and I am happy to be part of the project and to help make it grow.



Agata Ewa Kordecka

Despite my studies (completed) I started to consider myself an artist only recently. I’m the UMus’s graphic designer. I try not to make sudden movements, I don’t like it to hurry. I think and think things through five thousand times, trying to maintain a peaceful attitude, but inside me there is a whirlwind of thoughts and tremors. I rarely abandon an idea, just as rarely I bring it to end. I need to smooth my reality and I want to do it with my own hands. I don’t always finish.



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