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International Museum Day

Today we celebrate International Museum Day. But we are not a typical museum. I imagine UMus as a winter garden.

I envision us as caretakers of “mental creatures” abandoned to themselves before growing into “completed projects”. Some ideas are just tiny seeds, minuscule and sensitive, others half-asleep somewhere under the snow, others as immense as trees but leafless and waiting to bear fruit.

Our role as winter gardeners is to carefully look after all of them – rare specimens and ordinary weeds. We are the place where compost ferments beneath a pile of leaves, waiting for spring. We stop at every manifestation of creativity. We give time and space to numerous works that can either develop or survive their “childhood”, the moment when they are sensitive to disappearance. Thanks to us, they can wait until spring comes if it happens for them. If not, we will respect that. The stages in which we can not complete a project (for various reasons) intertwine with time when we have a surplus of energy and ideas.

So, what would we dread? We should fear only forgetting! And we have a lot to do to preserve these ideas! Take care of your unrealized ideas. And please visit our winter garden at the Unfinished Museum.


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