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The book of people I have never met

Arianna, 2013, Turin
  • Arianna
  • 2013
  • Projects - Unfinished for now
  • Photo albums, magazines scraps.
  • 015/2020
  • 1 album 230 cm x 270 cm, 42 pages.
  • Arianna

My book titled: “The book of people I have never met” is a collection of images taken from newspapers, magazines, flyers, photos of people I don’t know and I have never met. All the images are enclosed in this pink cover album. The idea came about because very often I find myself asking myself “What are people (who I don’t know) doing or what are they thinking right now? Will there be other people who may be doing the same thing as me: like reading Mickey Mouse or playing with their cousins ​​like I am doing right now? “, that is how the book was born. I was 7 years old when I started, then for a long time I forgot and the book remained in a drawer. Over time it ended up in the boxes in the cellar and I couldn’t find it anymore, but I didn’t look for it and I almost forgot it. A while ago I remembered the album and now that I have it back in my hands I am determined to carry it on. Unfortunately, the humidity in the cellar has ruined it a bit, but I want to cover the damage with images of people. I would like to create categories, for example: people in the world of sport; or, my favorite: “famous but unknown” (eg. Santa Claus, or a gentleman who I always see around in billboards, in advertisements but I don’t know who he is or what his name is). From time to time I create a page with a new category and then I leave a subsequent blank page to add other images over time.” Arianna Pisani

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