Unfinished Museum

Monochromatic Soul

Greta Blengino, 2017, The Hague
  • Greta Blengino
  • 2017
  • Sounds - Unfinished for now
  • voice, ukulele, words on notebook
  • 009/2020
  • 3 verses, one chorus and the bridge
  • Greta Blengino

“During my travel back from Cape North, I was thinking back on the night I said goodbye to my closest friends that were about to leave for one year abroad: Filo to Canada and Mati to America. We had spent the whole night awake, going around the empty streets of Varigotti, taking photos, trying to enjoy our last moments together, it is still one of my favorite nights to this day. During the long hours travelling in the van, looking at the photos and feeling inspired from that night, I started to write a song that tried to capture exactly that atmosphere that we had created that night, which felt almost like a dream. I found first of all the chords on the ukulele, as always music comes first to me, then the words followed. I don’t know exactly how my songs are born, when I write it’s almost like I’m in a state of trance, the words are kind of pouring out of me all in one go. The song was born when the journey was about to finish, and then, when I arrived home, the atmosphere was not there anymore. In the same journey I had written “Happy You’re Gone” and coming back I dedicated my time to making the video for it and uploading it, so I forgot about “Monochromatic Soul”, which remained incomplete. Even though I already had the verses, the chorus and the bridge, to me finishing a song means recording it, adding the harmonies and the instruments to then upload it on Youtube with the video. I still sing it sometimes, and I have to say that I still like it, but its time has passed and I don’t think I am ever going to record it. But I don’t know for sure, who knows? If that moment comes back…” Greta Blengino.

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