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Carte du Tendre (The Map of the Tender)

Stefano Faravelli, 2015, Turin
  • Stefano Faravelli
  • 2015
  • Images - Unfinished forever
  • Black paint and chalk, bare feet, mixed media on Moleskine notebook.
  • 005/2020
  • 30x12.5 cm
  • Stefano Faravelli

“The Map of the Tender is a cartographic representation of my inner universe, my psyche, my life. Like all the “Cartes du Tendre” it is an autobiography in the form of a map. The part of the future is white and can only be unfinished because my future is the Unfinished. The black part is my past and present. The book follows how geology works, by layers, and strongly recalls the idea of ​​time: in the book, the future is represented by the page you have not yet read. It is virtually a blank page. In my “Map of the Tender” the future is the plaster imprint of my left foot. On the right, dipped in black paint, my past is written; there everything is worn out, full of events. The future can never be accomplished because when it happens it becomes present and then past. This part of the work will necessarily remain unfinished otherwise the very meaning of its creation would be lost .. “- Stefano Faravelli

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