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Simona Orlandi

The unfinished is a continuous flowering. It comes to mind something that is not finished and at the same time for this very reason, it continues to leave open to renewal and transformation. 


If I tell you Unfinished what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

A continuous flowering. It comes to mind something that is not finished and at the same time for this very reason, it continues to leave open to renewal and transformation. Without judgment, neither positive nor negative, it gives me the idea of ​​openness, of possibility: and then there is the part of a continuous generation, but there is also the part of tiredness because somewhere you want to stop, instead it’s a bit like never stopping. It is a bit like a river, it seems that it is not finished because it flows, flows and flows, but in reality, it arrives somewhere and yet in flowing it is continually renewed.

Unfinished: what colour/shape is it?

It is the water that does not stop, in continuous movement, something that evaporates, freezes, transforms. Blue or green or the two colours together: a blue that is lost in the green and a green that is lost in the blue.

Is there something you have left undone in your life?

For a certain period of my life, every time I started a certain activity something happened that made me stop it. For example, I had decided to devote myself to furniture restoration, bought a bedside table and started a restoration course. After a few weeks, I was assigned an assignment in Germany. Years later, because I have always wanted to learn how to draw, I enrolled in a drawing course in Rome and even then, after a short time I accepted another assignment that led me to travel a lot. I’ve spent my life travelling for work. For the first time, Covid stopped me and showed me that I can stay still. Now I have started an online Qi Gong course, let’s see what will happen, I am in a period of exploration. In the past, I also left unfinished the book of poems I wrote after the plane crash in which my boyfriend lost his life. I needed it to relieve the pain, I wanted to print it in his honour, but it remained unfinished. It tells about me from a long time ago, I recently reopened it and I realized, reading the poems, how much pain I experienced. As a young girl then I wrote short stories for friends but I didn’t keep track of them, I’ve always loved writing.

When is work done for you?

The accomplished is linked to the concept of a circle when it has gone through a process when it has arrived where it was set to arrive. For me, accomplishment is linked to sharing, when I have shared it with others and it is no longer mine alone, it enters yet another sphere.

Your favourite fertilizer?

It is nature, contact with nature. I learned to stop and observe plants: from my balcony, I see very tall poplars. Meditation is to stop and observe how life dances inside these trees, there, in my opinion, all the possibilities of the world open up. Perhaps, now that I think about it, trees are among the most accomplished life forms ever.

3 words you would use to describe the unfinished?

Ungrasped, risk, virtuous cycle.

A final comment?

But does the unfinished really exist? Or is it getting to a point and then starting from there? Is there a flow? Is there a virtuous cycle of the unfinished, a virtuoso?

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