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Greta Blengino

If I tell you “unfinished”, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
My songs, all of the songs I have started but never finished.

What is the shape or color of Unfinished?
Turquoise, I don’t know why. Or another neutral color.

Is there something you have left incomplete in your life?
Apart from many songs, I have a tattoo on my arm which I don’t feel it’s finished, my gap year that was full of cool different projects that I haven’t been able to finish due to Covid-19. I was supposed to work in a hostel in The Netherlands, become a volunteer at Dynamo Camp and I was thinking about hiking to Santiago at the end of June.

What is your relationship with things that are incomplete?
I don’t worry about it too much, I tell myself that maybe there will be a time for them in the future.

Do you show your unfinished projects to anyone or do you keep them to yourself?
I keep them to myself. If they’re incomplete it’s because I was not satisfied wtih them somehow, then why would I show them to anyone?

Where do you keep your unfinished works?
In a very remote folder on my desktop called ‘lyrics’. Right now there are 23 files in it, with different parts of different songs.

When do you consider your work finished?
If I think about my songs, it would be when I have found the structure for them: a few verses, a chorus and a bridge. But they are truly finished when I have created a video for them and I have uploaded them on my Youtube channel.

What is something that you think has value exactly because it is incomplete?
Us, human beings. We’re constantly evolving, so are our ideas, what we do, what we think.

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