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Fabio Gon

The unfinished is … a precious, protected, peaceful place in which to feel at ease.


If I say “unfinished” what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

The most desired things, the ones I would like to accomplish, something I have been waiting for a long time to work on, something I wanted to do, which was important but was not urgent and went by the wayside. But the nice thing is that sometimes they come back, you happen to find yourself fumbling in a closet, looking at a note in an old notebook, and maybe a project acquires a new life.

Unfinished what colour/shape does it have?

A precious, protected, peaceful place in which to feel at ease.

Is there something you have left undone in your life?

Unfinished is the thing that I can’t give enough continuity to, a momentary passion that then disappears, for example playing the guitar. I have a book to study chords for the jazz guitar, bought in 1988, and I look at it with admiration but I have never been able to put myself on it, although I feel like it.

If I think about unfinished…

I also think of the relationships that you have not been able to reconnect, that have remained unfinished, relationships that have closed but not as you would have liked.

Where do you keep your unfinished works?

I have realized that the things that I consider precious have been placed in special, distinct places. For example, I had a communication plan for my studio that never came into being, but it is in a separate folder from the others. Things thus acquire a place not only in the room but also within me, a definitive place, which does not get confused with the rest.

When is work done for you?

For practical things, it is easy to define when work is completed or not, as with the project for the “Giovanni Amadio” barracks. For other activities, I consider them finished when they have met my expectations, they might seem unfinished, but they gave me what they had to give me. For example, with dance, I stopped and then I started again after years, but when I returned I realized that that era was over and it had already given me what I needed.




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