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Inside our bodies, there are nebulous spaces where substances fluctuate. Now and then they turn into flashes, similar to thoughts. Within this confusion and loosening, we open ourselves to new images and ideas that may never find an exact form. Only by defining the finite, we can move on to the Unfinished. The accuracy seems very far from the Unfinished.

Yet Italo Calvino in his “American Lessons” explores the concept focusing on the meaning of our thinking. To define exactness he focuses on vagueness – it is precisely the latter that needs a more precise description. The more the vagueness is told in detail, the easier it is to delineate what contains the crystallized and finished thought or object. Indeed, going further, one could say that it is precisely the conceptual space around a completed project that gives it the most concrete form.

We should open the trunk with the unfinished things – those ideas never fully explored. We should look at the relationships between a well-traced problem and its innumerable variations, the excluded solutions, every accidental case admitted in space and time. Unfinished is huge dizziness and at the same time a complete paralysis. Ѐ infinite immensity of possibilities, without turning our gaze to what is not completed we cannot define what we see, as our small or great success. We, of the UMus Unfinished Museum, have opened the trunks of many, many people. We invite you to feel the same vertigo that exploring the idea of ​​Unfinished gives us.


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