Unfinished Museum

Projectors Rock Show

Roberto Vogliolo, 2016, Turin
  • Roberto Vogliolo
  • 2016
  • Extras - Unfinished to unblock
  • Audiovisual technologies (ultrashort projectors, architectural audio speakers, lights, interactive touch monitors) and scenic supports, high resolution video clips synchronized with multichannel audio, playout and show control application software.
  • 018/2020
  • A few months of thinking and design work, a well-assorted team of professionals, from the engineer to the musicians, passing through the experience designer and the developer, the director and the video-maker, the sound engineer and the builder. An avant-garde production studio, a stand at the fair as a stage and lots of communication and relationships.
  • Roberto Vogliolo

It is a somewhat special live concert, in which the protagonists are video projectors that project the instruments and the hands of the musicians who play them onto white silhouettes, set on stage with a minimal set design. A high quality audio system and original design reproduces the soundtrack with a program that can be selected and configured by the audience present at the show through a touch screen from which you can also define the levels of each individual instrument to build your own perfect mix. The purpose of the project is to give artistic value to the entire production chain of a live musical and audiovisual work: musician and sound engineer, designer and producer, audio technician and lighting technician, set up and stage technician. Everyone participates to the construction of the work of art, together with visitors who can add their touch and become part of an ever-changing performance. And everything can only work thanks to technology that is very often transparent or hidden from the general public, but is a vital component to make any artistic performance possible. Precisely for this reason we make it visible and put it at the center of the scene, thus also giving space to the enhancement of the creativity and ingenuity of those who designed and built it. It is a project that I fell in love with years ago and that was partially completed, even if I dreamed of being able to move it to another phase. I made a prototype version thanks to the collaboration with Epson, which presented its brand new ultra-short high resolution projectors in this way at Viscom 2016. Many people and companies contributed to the prototype and in some way made available skills, abilities, time, ideas, tools and above all a great desire to have fun working together. I can’t name them all because I don’t have the space and I don’t want to neglect any of them, but I remember them with affection and I thank them all, one by one! The audience at the fair enjoyed the installation very much and played with it, experienced it and shared it. The prototype also made it to the final at the Inavation Awards 2018, a prestigious international competition of AudioVisual Experience Design. I wanted it to become a real performance format, to be experienced on a stage in front of the audience in a real live concert, with the involvement of live musicians who interact with those recorded and projected on the scene. Or maybe transform into a new way of training and multidisciplinary training for musicians and for audiovisual designers and technicians. I had almost arrived at being able to take the next step by involving some artists of international importance, thanks to their technological sponsors with whom contact had been activated, but as often happens the astral conjunction has not been realized perfectly and the moment has passed … a thousand other important and urgent things to do and the project ended up in the archive, along with many others. But without being forgotten and without failing to give me and give emotions. It is blocked but it is not dead, it should be taken back and developed! I would like it to come back to life, perhaps with a different meaning, why not? In this very particular period of history, with a pandemic that made us change habits and transported us in the virtual and online world even more, a project like this could give ideas for those who are rethinking the way of doing live performances. It would be nice if someone wanted to resume the work to develop and transform it. Obviously I’d like to be involved in some way, but I’d be happy even if it happened without me and without any financial gain. But please … in any case tell me and share the art that will come out of it!

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