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Roberto Vogliolo

Creative engineer, innovation designer and cooperative entrepreneur. Turin, 53 years old.

Roberto Vogliolo, creative engineer specialized in telecommunications and multimedia technologies, innovation designer and cooperative entrepreneur. He is constantly looking for new technologies to be applied with innovative business models. He graduated in electronic engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin, he began his career in CSELT (Research Center of the Telecom Italia Group) in 1993 as a researcher, participating in numerous international research projects and subsequently carrying out an intense activity of technological and market consultancy for the Venture Capital company of the group. He is an entrepreneur since 2000, he is one of the founding partners of numerous technological start-ups in the digital communication sector, in which he has always held leadership roles in research and development, in the construction of business models and the creation of partnerships with international technology players. He promoted and developed the creation of a cooperative community of innovation professionals, involving a continuously growing interdisciplinary team to offer an integrated Innovation Design service with an approach centred on the real needs of people. Very active in the association field, he is currently a member of the Advisory Group of AVIXA (AudioVisual and Integrated Experience Association), which represents companies and professionals in the sector at an international level, Piedmontese vice-president and member of the national council of ConfCooperative Lavoro e Servizi, for activities concerning Technological Innovation. Turin, 53 years old.

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