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Eva and the pink wolf

Silvia Teodosi, 2010, Bologna
  • Silvia Teodosi
  • 2010
  • Projects - Unfinished to unblock
  • A text and drawings on 42x22 cm paper, inks of various colors, a storyboard, a publishing house.
  • 011/2020
  • 4 months of work and a date of publication (gone).
  • Silvia Teodosi

“I was at the Turin Book Fair with my partner Francesca, when Agata Ewa Kordecka showed up at the stand of our GradoZero publishing house. She showed us her drawings and left us the texts of some stories she had written. We really liked her work in general and her style. Agata attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (Poland) and her knowledge of graphic engraving techniques is evident in her style which, although it differs from that of our previously published works, it captured our attention. So we contacted her and asked her to work together.

The story she proposed is very nice. A beautiful pink wolf is a protagonist. It suddenly appears from behind the closet in the bedroom of a little girl, Eva, who does not have a good relationship with food. The child is not afraid of the animal, on the contrary, she is happy to have a new playmate, but the wolf, as time goes by, becomes more and more hungry and in order not to carry out atrocious wickedness it finds a way to appease its instincts and to have the little girl overcome her eating problems. Having reached its goal, the animal disappears again behind the wardrobe…

In the sketches she proposed, Agata represents the pink wolf with a very harsh stroke, still managing to highlight the playful and tender aspect of the animal and she harmoniously blends photographic elements with spots of colour and clear black lines. Agata is volcanic, I don’t have time to tell her “it’s good” that she already offers me a thousand variations and modifications.

I experimented with printing and used the fifth fluorescent colour overlapping the others in the last six pages. By doing so, once the book is finished, closed, overturned and reopened with the lights off, through the stylized drawings illuminated by the luminous charge of the ink, the reader has the opportunity to discover what happened to the wolf.

We worked on this book for about four months, there was a precise storyboard, about half of the tables completed. But a few months before the scheduled date for publication, we, unfortunately, closed the publishing house and Eva and the pink wolf remained an unfinished project. If the book were picked up by another publisher, I would be happy. I’m glad that the things I believed in see the light, regardless of who makes them “. Silvia Teodosi

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