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Veronica Caggia

Artist of life (because it takes creativity, courage and tenacity to live well!), if it is really necessary to define yourself. 40 years. Vittoria (RG)

Veronica Caggia, 40, “artist of life“ (because it takes creativity, courage and tenacity to live well!), if it is really necessary to define oneself.

Born in Vittoria (RG), in the South of the South, in a welcoming land from which when you are 18 you want to run away from in search of something different and then you realize it has already taught you so much of what you need. You know how to fight, how to get by, you have tattooed in your brain that you can always improve, do things better, you are conscious that dreams come true only if you build, sow, persist and are open to the world.

She graduated in literature, specializing in music and entertainment in Florence, she did her thesis in Brussels, a master’s degree in journalism and communication in Palermo (a city she loves!): for several years she was a theater educator for children in various Sicilian schools, an environmental educator for the WWF, passionate about writing and journalism, she sometimes speak on the radio in Bucharest, she was struck by the photography, loves to travel, fond of the Balkans, the accordion and the singing. “I joined many bands, discovering obstacles and limits to overcome every time, but above all the joy that comes from making music together even without knowing how to play is enormous. Almost by chance, I found myself taking care of the organizing secretariat of Scenica Festival and there I discovered that I manage the organizational work very well. I end up at the Funaro in Pistoia, an enchanting place where I learned a lot. And then many different adventures arrived which were related to the entertainment world. I go on with the constant anxiety that a lifetime will never be enough to explore everything that intrigues me! Promotion, communication, distribution for various Italian companies, which are little known but great for views and quality of work, of which I shared poetics, aesthetics and political and social function: Company Blu for dance, Gli Omini for the theater, Teatro C’art for the clowns. A short and institutionalized passage in ATER Foundation, in Maranello, to understand that I don’t care and that my heart is always beating fast for Santa Briganti, Vittoria’s association, bulwark of cultural resistance in Sicily with which we dared to create crazy works for our territory! Now I am following the Sea Bemolle project, a musical-circus-maritime collective on a sailing boat and I am preparing for Scenica 2021 by writing many projects to try and see them through…”

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