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Fabio Gon

Fabio Gon, anomalous engineer, futurologist, 50 years old, Trieste

He is from Trieste, an engineer, owner and manager of Studio Tandem which deals with: strategic development plans on an urban and territorial scale, through the use of participatory planning tools; Plans and Projects for the promotion and development of sustainable mobility: PUMS; Biciplan; plans, projects, actions for the development of cycling, for the development of cycle tourism, for the improvement of the usability of the urban space; Road design and in particular: traffic moderation interventions, design of cycle paths, projects for the safety of home-school paths, plans for the removal of architectural barriers. He is an expert in participatory planning and group facilitation: he guides public and private entities in the construction and management of plans, projects and processes, in the construction and activation of partnership networks.

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