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Eva Perasso

Journalist, Bogliasco, 45 years old.

Eva Perasso, professional journalist (since 2002), an expert in web journalism and its formats. “I grew up between the web and paper, I write every day for national newspapers, magazines, blogs in the sector, radio programs and for two years I have also worked on TV, focusing on health issues. For companies, I study ad hoc contents to support and enrich their presence on the Internet. The sectors in which I work most are technology, science, environment, health and wellness, food and wine, tourism. Alongside this job, I also have passions and do volunteer activities: I conduct online journalism workshops in primary and secondary schools, and project with students and teachers from school newspapers and coordinate their editing.

If you ask about me, many will say I “always smile”. The smile is my antidote to the wear and tear of tasks. And even the unfinished! I am the mother of two “adorable scoundrels”, Pietro born in 2008 and Elio born in 2010. And I am also the mother of Skipper, a puppy dog ​​as adorable as it is a destroyer, and Dodo, a cat that taught me to select my acquaintances. I find they both look a lot like me.

I have a finished marriage behind me, but as Afterhours say “There is nothing that is forever”. In fact, always and never are words that I have deleted from my vocabulary. My favourite day is Monday: when it all starts again, and it seems to me that I will be able to finish the things left open. Guess how it ends?”

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