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Emanuela Di Pasqua

Emanuela Di Pasqua, journalist, teaches children (who teach her more and more things), loves to travel and loves people, loves to write and likes stories, she couldn't live without music. She is the proud mother of Maria. 51 years old Genoa (Italy).

My name is Emanuela, but as a child, I wanted to be called Consuelo. Only growing up did I learn to love my name whose etymological meaning is “God with us”. Today I am, and I feel, Emanuela and when I say my name, which my father chose for me, I am so proud! I have two sisters, I am the one in the middle, and I really believe that my being the one in the middle has greatly affected my growth. I won’t explain how and why: whoever is a child in the middle will understand. I have a psychologist mother and I do not know if it is for her profession or if it is because she is like that (and consequently she has chosen this profession), the fact is that I felt nurtured and understood. As a child, I wanted to marry my dad and go and live in a “rigatone” (a type of pasta). As a child I studied a lot, I only got books as a gift and I was bloody territorial. Then I grew up and today I am a woman (although I still perceive myself as a girl) quite serene, not too accomplished, still very dreamy, energetic, a lover of food and good company, who loves movies and vintage music. I love writing and I like stories, I love childish thinking (which I have discovered in its entirety since I have been teaching children), I love animals (not all of them) and I am an observer of people. My real passion, however, is travelling: I have squandered so much money to be able to see the world and I will never have enough. My other passion is my daughter: her name is Maria and as the kids say to each other when they are in love “she is my everything”. I would have liked to finish high school, be a lawyer, continue writing, be wealthier, have a house in the country, learn to play the piano a little better (not a lot, just a little bit), have a darker complexion, not have strabismus of Venus, be a little less tall (so much so that I can wear heels), be more confident in myself. But I have Maria, I still have my mother (the one who welcomes me) and I have travelled (or rather I will get them back). I love my life, most of the days. And I strongly believe in humanity despite everything.


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