Unfinished Museum

Chiara Capini

Mom, cultural organizer, graphic designer. She is in charge of the valorization of the Staglieno Cemetery, an open-air museum, for the Municipality of Genoa. Genova Nervi, 47 years old

Chiara Angela Capini. “I am the mother of two children aged 9 and 12, I have recently started working in the Municipality, where I deal with the communication of the Civic Services Department and the Enhancement of the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, a real open-air museum. After an experience at the University of Genoa as a tutor for a Master in Creative Writing and Design of Digital Content, I worked at the University of the “Terza Età”. It was my life’s work and I left it with great regret, having won a competition that gave me the stability I was looking for. I did humanities studies and for twenty years I dealt with organization and communication in cultural and social fields, as a freelance. I’m also a graphic designer.

Genova Nervi, 47 years old

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