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Cecilia Cappa

Artist who makes collages, she has been dancing and singing for years, but then she devoted herself completely to visual art, 31 years old, Turin.

Cecilia Cappa is an artist who makes collages. “Not having studied art (I admit that I would have liked to attend the Academy), I define myself, a bit for a joke, a Sunday artist. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, during the week I work as a corporate storytelling account for the Scuola Holden and in my free time I enjoy being an artist. “Sunday artist, everyday creative soul” is indeed my motto. “Ceci n’est pas” is an artistic project born in 2019, as well as my stage name. With “Ceci n’est pas” I wanted to give life to my artistic drive that had been silently brooded for some time and that I had not yet had the opportunity to express. The name, strongly inspired by Magritte, wants to suggest an idea of ​​multi-identity and multiculturalism typical of my personal, artistic and professional career. I therefore landed on the collage technique because I think it is the ideal art form to express some aspects of my character: guided by my intuition and an almost Kandinskyian inspiration, sometimes without knowing how the final product will turn out, I draw on pre-made images to create totally new ones. I like to think of collage as a sustainable artistic technique, in which nothing is thrown away: even the yellowed clipping of a 20 or 30 year old magazine can find its place within a composition. What fascinates me the most about collage is precisely the ability to give new life and lymph to shapes and colors that often had nothing in common originally, shaping something absolutely new and capable of transmitting stories and emotions. ” 31 years old, Turin.

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