Unfinished Museum

Alessia Rollo

Photographer, nomadic artist, 38 years old

She lives in Lecce, but has lived and traveled around the world (Brazil, Spain, Germany, France …), she was in Ethiopia when the pandemic broke out.

She has a Degree in Communication Sciences, a Master in Photography and Creativity at the EFTI School in Madrid. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in various countries, including: Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Greece, Finland, Switzerland.

“I believe in continuity, I have learned to look far and not at my feet. Over time, I realized that I hybridize language a lot, I don’t consider myself a pure photographer, precisely because mentally I start from the unfinished and the unresolved that has always fascinated me. Since I was a child, I was attracted to it, perhaps because I lived in southern Italy where there is always a degree of improvisation, rearrangement and the unfinished. The first series I did is called “Indomestic”, and they were visual games of new construction possibilities between inanimate objects. I did research for a long time and then I landed on the territory of photography as an investigation, my themes are often stereotypes. Photography has a vice, because it induces thought, for example journalistic photography leads us to think that that photo is the truth, that advertising induces a compulsive buying behavior. I often reflect in my works on the medium itself of photography. Fata Morgana, which became a book and was awarded in Spain, is a reflection on the stereotypes of photojournalism regarding the migration crisis. Now I am starting a project that, starting from what was produced in the 1950s by neorealism, analyzes the visual and conceptual stereotypes that have been generated about Italy and its visual colonialism. The photo is a medium, a tool that allows me to think, to dissect what can be done with photography, how you can play with these things “. Photographer, nomadic artist, 38 years old.

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