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Coxless four at the Tokyo Olimpic Games

Bruno Rosetti, 2019, Tokyo
  • Bruno Rosetti
  • 2019
  • Extras - Unfinished for now
  • 2016 start of the training for the National Rowing Team, 2019 qualification of the coxless four boat, a team of 3 other rowers, a 50 kg boat, a competition field in the port of Tokyo.
  • 006/2020
  • lifelong training, participation in World Cup competitions, European Championship, World Championship from 2017 and in 2020 the European Championship, 3 international medals (at the World Cup both silver and bronze).
  • Bruno Rosetti

“After traveling for a long time, I temporarily put aside my dream of moving to Australia since my visa expired after two years I was there and I returned to the national rowing team with the aim of competing in the Tokyo Olympics with the 4- (4- is the name that in the sporting field is given to a boat in which four athletes row, without helmsman). For the Olympics in 2019 we qualified the boat, the 4- with over 4 people. One of them should have been me. Only a few weeks before you know if you will definitely be part of the group that will compete, until then you can always be replaced. I qualified last year, but if you go wrong at the races, they change the team. You can’t outrun, you can’t skip any races. The Olympics were to be from July 24 of this year (2020), and our competition were scheduled for the second day. For a week we would be competing in the Tokyo Port Race Course. There was a good chance, we are a good team. Now, due to Covid, they have been postponed, it seems they will be on the same dates as 2021 behind closed doors or with only Japanese spectators, but it is still not certain. This is definitely an unfinished business that I would like to accomplish … “- Bruno Rosetti

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