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Laura Cionci

Laura Cionci, “experiential” researcher. 40 years old, Montegemoli (PI).

Laura Cionci is a visual artist, photographer, dancer, performer, “experiential” researcher.

At the beginning her focus was on social phenomena, in particular the anthropological aspects that make the different cultural, social and political codes readable, She then focused on the frequencies of spaces, biodiversity, the territory in relation to human beings, using relational practices in the creative processes. In 2015, she found out that she had cancer and she fought it but it came back in 2018. She decided to abandon the hospital cures to start a personal journey that helped her develop her own personal treatment. The events that she had to face led to the creation of texts and projects on “transformation” and the passage to a different thinking framework and vision from what she experienced previously. Her work and her passions have led her, since 2004, to carry out various projects and residences in Italy, South America and Australia.

Her work was on view at the following institutions: Monitor Gallery Rome, Stringersi ciò che rimane (2021) Fondazione Baruchello Roma, Stato di grazia/Motoperpetuo (2020), State of Grace, Darebin Art Centre, Melbourne (2020); Vi.Vedo/Viu.Vos, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Campinas, Saõ Paulo (2019); BienNolo, Milano (2019); Una Mirada al Bosque Vertical, Museo de Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother, Universidad Nacional, Bogotà (2018); Fremantle Biennale (2017), Australia; Bienal de Arte Público, Cali (2016); Teatrum Botanicum, Parco Arte Vivente, Torino (2016); Proyecto H, Museo del Carnaval e Teatro de Verano, Montevideo (2014); Carnevalma, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires (2013). He first book, Stato di Grazia, was published in 2020 by Postmedia books. 

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