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Jana Sebestova

Portrait photographer, Bratislava-Turin, 48 years old

My name is Jana Sebestova and I am a professional photographer. I was born and raised in Bratislava. I was the first graduate in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, thanks to a passion that I had already cultivated in high school and that I had breathed at home thanks to my grandfather, movie director and my father, an architect passionate about photography. I trained with the film: hours and hours in the darkroom to experiment with the potential of black and white, developing an almost physical relationship with photography and great attention to every detail to achieve the desired result. I arrived in Turin in 1993, with a scholarship from the Italian Foundation for Photography, and it has become my adopted city, where I live with my husband and my 2 children. Since 1998 I joined the Giancarlo Tovo advertising photographic studio and I deal with professional photography in various fields. My specialities are female portrait and family portrait photography. My mission is to help people open the closed door to reveal a beauty where they don’t expect it. In my work, I seek and create authenticity and beauty with kindness and a little irony. I like to feel the air on my face, discover the sunlight that changes the shapes of known things. I always wear something blue and often a pair of red shoes. I love people and I love the idea that everyone has something beautiful to give. www.janasebestovaphotography.com

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