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Dario Voltolini

Erratic writer, 61 years old, Turin.

Dario Voltolini: writer, publicist, librettist, lyricist, author of radio plays.

I live in Turin where I graduated in Philosophy with a thesis in Philosophy of Language. I was teacher and director of the “Scuola Holden – Storytelling and Performing Arts”, editor of the book series “Holden Maps” for Rizzoli, a contributor to the “Index of the books of the month”, “Pulp” and “Stampa” (” Tuttolibri ”and“ TorinoSette ”), co-founder of the literary blogs “Nazione Indiana” and “Il Primo Amore”. As a kid, I tried to express myself through painting and drawing, but I lacked talent and technique. The Italian language came to my rescue and so I addressed my desire to communicate, years later, through writing. When I was twenty I wrote a novel, “GLUNK”, which no publisher wanted to publish at the time. It was then published by Portofranco eighteen years later. My first published book was “UNA INTENZIONE METROPOLITANA”, a collection of short pieces that painted pictures of metropolitan cities marked by industrial architecture, like my beloved Turin. In later books, I have tried to alternate short stories with longer pieces of prose. The novel “PRIMAVERILE”, published by Feltrinelli in 2001, is the first of four novels, one per season. I published the novel “AUTUNNALE” fourteen years later and the other two are a work in progress. This idea of ​​the seasons surely came to me from my love for Vivaldi.

Even if I’m not a musician, the fascination of music led me to write lyrics for musicians, especially for Nicola Campogrande. I collaborated, writing lyrics for them, with the singers Carla Baldini and Lucia Minetti and with the group “Gattociliegia contro il grande cold”. I also found myself writing radio plays, and on one of those occasions, I met Bruno Lauzi. He was the protagonist of each of the 29 episodes, which I wrote inspired by his way of being. The character he played was a nice and wise grandfather, he had a house by the sea, he loved cooking and singing, just like the real Bruno.

I have written numerous articles and some books, including “Una intuizione metropolitana” (Bollati and Boringhieri, 1990), “Rincorse” (Einaudi 1994), “Forme d’onda” (Feltrinelli, 2000), “Primaverile” (Feltrinelli, 2001 ), “Le scimmie sono inavvertitamente uscite dalla gabbia” (Fandango, 2006), “Pacific Palisades” (Einaudi 2017). 61 years old, Turin.

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