Unfinished Museum

Anna Ghiotti

Three different professions, the dream of living by the sea with many paths to explore, has been traveling for some years. Turin, 56 years old

Anna Ghiotti graduated in Law, after many years of experience as an HR manager in various companies, she discovered coaching and a second life began for her. She is a Professional Certified Coach (with ICF credentials), for a long time she was engaged in the training of new coaches with the Transformational Ontological approach that develops a leadership model based on trust and commitment generated through the conscious use of speech acts, offering a new way of observing reality and learning powerful conversations to achieve extra-ordinary goals.

Since 2006, she has accompanied the development and transformation processes of leaders and their teams in the profit and non-profit world, with particular attention to the issue of creating personal and shared visions of the future in the teams. In recent years she has passionately dedicated herself to developing projects and programs in support of female leadership and gender equality. With a group of women, she has created Memoràmia, a project centred on storytelling and autobiographical writing as an act of self-care, an extraordinary experience of awareness and enhancement of life stories. Turin, waiting to leave, 56 years old.

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