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Andrea De Simeis

Stubborn forty-year-old engraver and paper maker, Lecce.

Andrea De Simeis, a stubborn forty-year-old engraver and papermaker, Lecce.

He graduated in Fine Arts with a specialization in painting, he is an engraver and papermaker. He makes precious sheets of paper with fibres extracted from plants throughout the Mediterranean basin: fig, cotton, broom, etc; he colours them with the secret techniques of textile masters and sometimes he uses distillates to give them a perfume.

The paper he makes comes from the ancient oriental traditions of the seventh century and the medieval European factories, unmatched for quality and printing yield in the press. They are in fact excellent sheets for chalcography, ancient art, the legacy of goldsmiths and gunsmiths, with which De Simeis still makes original graphics today.

The works of the master Andrea De Simeis are engraved and printed with techniques that have more than seven centuries of history; they are collected in prestigious national and international graphic archives.

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